Study Highlights Need for Radiology Preparedness during Mass Casualty Incidents

Involvement of radiologists in mapping out medical facilities’ mass casualty incident (MCI) plans is key to handling those occurrences, as demonstrated by a 2015 tragedy in Seattle that left 51 victims in need of emergency care.

A Breath of Foul Air: Pollution and Pediatric Diabetes Risk

Research at the University of Southern California has uncovered a link between air pollution and elevated risk of Type 2 diabetes among overweight Latino children.

Complexity, Thy Name Is Medical Leasing

Medical office leases can be exceptionally complicated. Would-be tenants and landlords should seek sound legal advice before signing on the dotted line, The Woodlands, Texas-based Bailey...

International Medical Graduates’ Burgeoning Role in U.S. Health Care

Approximately 25 percent of physicians in the United States who are actively engaged in patient care are international medical graduates (IMGs), the AMA Journal of Ethics noted in a 2016 commentary.

Finances and Your Health

Mismanaged finances or unrealistic income expectations can affect not only a physician’s bottom line but his or her health as well.