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Expolring Bariatric Surgery's Potential as a Diabetes Therapeutic



Mitigating Clinician Stress

The proliferation of physician stress and burnout within the medical community warrants concern. With the inevitable stress that accompanies the holiday season, it’s even more important to recognize the signs of burnout and take steps to prevent it.

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Firm Foundations: The Building Blocks for Establishing a Private Foundation

In last month’s issue, I discussed general strategies for philanthropic giving and introduced readers to the concept of a Donor Advised Fund (DAF). The next step for some physician philanthropists might be to start a private foundation. This is a big step that not only requires an astute understanding of the rules governing foundations, but also organizational and management skills. For many physicians, taking on the additional burden of starting and running a foundation can be a daunting task. I typically suggest that physicians consider starting a private foundation only after they first acquire grant-making skills, solidify their long-term gifting strategy and determine if a private foundation is the right fit for their families.

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Print and Digital Integration

5 Reasons to Avoid the Siren’s Song of an All-Digital Strategy

Marketers pinning their hopes to a single platform—whether print or digital—are selling themselves short. Before shifting to an all-digital strategy, consider these facts that point to the value of print as part of an integrated marketing mix.

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