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Men’s Health Clinic at Minnetonka Medical Center: Comprehensive Care with Urology Associates



Overcoming Investment Failure for High Net Worth Individuals: A Healthy Perspective on Time

This is the second article in a two-part series dealing with contributing factors to investment failure, which high net worth investors often face. This month, we’ll take a look at a second major contributor to investment failure: time — or more accurately, our misperception of it. While most investors believe they invest with a long-term investment perspective in mind, in reality, they tend to react to short-term market swings that often derail longer-term objectives.

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Peer Review and Discrimination: No Place for Employers to Hide Improper Bias

Minnesota has adopted a statute that protects a “review organization” from disclosure of information acquired “in the exercise of its duties and functions.”

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Print and Digital Integration

5 Reasons to Avoid the Siren’s Song of an All-Digital Strategy

Marketers pinning their hopes to a single platform—whether print or digital—are selling themselves short. Before shifting to an all-digital strategy, consider these facts that point to the value of print as part of an integrated marketing mix.

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